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British Columbia injects an urban style into her homes. That is precisely why it stands tall in Canada’s real estate market. But what stands out today is something that took years of dedication and commitment to excel. A glance at history pages reveals that BC was already on her two feet as early as 1858. Find the perfect apartment for rent in British Columbia, Canada at Canada Rental Guide today.

Laurention Manor - Vancouver, British Columbia V6H 1N3
One bedroom ,hardwood floors, newly renovated penthouse suite (4th floor walk up)
Listing by - Vancouver Park Lane Towers Ltd.

Open house this Saturday June 25th (contact me for more details) Upscale condo living by Magellen, The Atelier at Robson & Homer. This 1 bdr...
Units Available: 0
Starting at $23.90
Listing by - Soroosh

Canadian Cottage In The City - Kelowna, British Columbia V1V 1R5
Our unique recently renovated Canadian Cottage in the City is cozy and welcoming for one person or a couple. The 400 sq. ft studio is fully self c...
Units Available: 1
Starting at $12.50
Listing by - Ian Roth

With 49 cities to its name, Victoria being the capital, it goes without saying that BC is a province of neighborhoods, each with distinctive charm and character. As a matter of fact, the cities make BC a desirable and unique province to be associated with. Citizens living in Victoria for instance enjoy scenic waterfronts that surround the city and short walks to parks. Their counterparts from Vancouver enjoy quick and easy access to the downtown from most neighborhoods, making the city ideal for people who prefer living close to where they work. In a nutshell, all BC neighborhoods are well connected hubs of activities, designed for active living.

Though apartment rental prices differ from one city to another, home seekers should note that Vancouver apartments can be pricey, as this city is the 2nd most expensive city in Canada preceded by Toronto. Rent varies with the furnished or unfurnished concept and mostly where an apartment is located. A furnished 2 bedroom apartment minutes away from the downtown costs $2500 or more, while an unfurnished one at the same location costs $1500 or more. Keep in mind that the better, safe and reasonable family area is on the west, where the likes of New Westminster and Burnaby lie. It is easy to find an unfurnished apartment here for $900 or more or a furnished one for $1300 or more. You might however have to drive for long to the downtown should you choose Burnaby or New Westminster as your ultimate neighborhood to call home.