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Whether it is a leisure walk on the many city pathways, a day at the park or a riverside stroll, there are always options for Campbell River residents. The city does not have much to its history as it was incorporated just the other year in 2005. It boasts of a population of 31,186 residents. Prior to its incorporation, the city was formerly a village with roots that can be traced from as early as 1947. It enjoyed tremendous growth and by 1964, it had been declared a district municipality.

Everything within the city’s borders seems to have been made just to make life easier. Take Downtown Campbell River for instance; a perfect sized collection of shops, eateries, art galleries, nightclubs and services tucked between scintillating properties showcasing architectural might, innovation and breathtaking property designs.

Some parts of the city especially on near the outskirts boast of beautiful riverside apartments bluffing all the way to the city. The bulk of Campbell River’s shopping, services and office parks is positioned at the city’s downtown where there are more than 100 restaurants, shops and services as already hinted. What stands out though is not the development or quick and easy access to amenities but the unity portrayed by the locals. They all take an active role in the recreational, residential and commercial development of their respective neighborhoods, forming enviable close knit communities all over the city. Apartments and townhomes are there in plenty with a little bit of everything added every month.