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Compared to rental housing in other major Canadian cities, an apartment in Quebec, costs very little to rent. With its unique architectural style and rich cultural life, the low cost of renting and diversity of housing options are two of Quebec’s most valuable assets. That explains why Montreal is now a significant hot spot for immigrants and native Canadians seeking affordable housing.

Le Carrefour Apartments - Dorval, Quebec H9S 3K8
Your new Home on Rue Racine offers the best accommodation in the Dorval area. Within minutes you can be lakeside with a wonderful view of Lac St Lo...
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Domaine Bellerive Apartments - Laval, Quebec H7V 1B1
Domaine Bellerive is a waterfront community which offers an unparalleled collection of amenities. Imagine being able to unwind in our indoor heated...
Units Available: 4
From $8.95 - $14.85
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The Olympic Village - Montreal, Quebec H1T 3X2
Built in 1976 in honor of the Montreal summer Olympic games “The Olympic Village", also known as the Pyramids or the “Grand Hotel”, is one of Montr...
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Bois De Boulogne Apartments - Montréal, Quebec H4N 1K9
At this quiet complex of 2 buildings you will experience all the comforts of home. Large suites, a variety store in one of the buildings and the cl...
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Cote Des Neiges Apartments - Montreal, Quebec H3V 1G3
You'll enjoy the ambience of this quaint location, which is nestled in a convenient Montreal neighbourhood. With proximity to many major highways, ...
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Prud'homme Apartments - Montréal, Quebec J4L 4C9
This quaint Victorian building is in a quiet tree-lined residential neighbourhood but is only steps to everything you may need. Shopping, restauran...
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Lanthier Royal Apartments - Pointe-Claire, Quebec H1T 2J6
Located in the heart of Pointe-Claire Village, 321 Lanthier Avenue is a friendly neighborhood with all the conveniences of the surrounding location...
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Samuel Holland Towers - Quebec City, Quebec G1S 3R3
The Samuel-Holland, an unparalleled and unique real property complex located in the Old Capital, is only minutes away from the Parliament Hill, dow...
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Chapdelaine Apartments - Québec City, Quebec G1V 4G8
Chapdelaine is a quiet setting in the centre of Sainte-Foy. These two high-rise buildings are administered by an excellent management team and offe...
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Domaine Laudance Apartments - Québec City, Quebec G1X 4V6
Located in the upscale, quaint and quiet Le Campanile neighbourhood of Sainte Foy, this beautifully landscaped, luxurious and recently constructed ...
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Several studies conducted on Quebec and its major cities such as Montreal highlight Quebec as one of the best places to live in Canada. Low or rather affordable university fees, quick and easy access to free health care, vibrant nightlife, charming festivals and quality restaurants also account for high quality of life.

Unfortunately, the advantages of renting an apartment in Quebec also make it a tad difficult to secure an affordable one. Services such as Canada Rental Guide often help a lot in one’s bid to look for an apartment in Quebec. Home seekers are however reminded to keep in mind that rent prices, location and security are also important to consider. A one bedroom apartment goes for around $600 to $800 in most parts of Montreal and even cheaper in other cities and towns such as Laval. A two bedroom apartment on the other hand costs anything between $700 and $1200.

Some of the most expensive neighborhoods known across the province include Westmount and Outremont while cheaper ones include Lachine, LaSalle and Lachine. With more home seekers relocating to Quebec suburbs and construction of new apartments including renovation and remodeling of abandoned factories into lofts and residential workshops, the number of affordable apartments in Quebec is touted to increase in the near future.

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