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At the core of the solution to the seemingly difficult life that city dwellers have to endure are real estate agents and developers. They contribute to solving the challenge of planning that hardly keeps up with ballooning populations in cities. Thanks to them, we always know where to turn to each time we are forced to look for apartment-New Brunswick is awash with them. Find the perfect apartment for rent in New Brunswick, Canada at Canada Rental Guide today.

Like other popular cities in the world, New Brunswick apartments depend heavily on the location. Its three main cities (Saint John, Fredericton and Moncton) boast of a wide range of rental apartment options, from individual house rentals to large apartment buildings. Unfortunately for people who would like to live outside the cities, apartment rental options become scarce. Smaller regions in the province such as Sackville, Miramichi, Bathurst and Edmonston usually have more individual house rentals and less apartment buildings.

One important factor and probably something unique to New Brunswick is how its apartments are managed. Many of its communities-most of them actually- have no apartment rental companies. That simply means that all rentals are handled or rather managed through private landlords and landladies renting out flats; that aside, New Brunswick apartments are not cheap but affordable- among the most affordable in Canada so to speak. With an average price of $660 a month (as of April 2010), the province is clearly what many home seekers would consider as affordable. As an alluring acing to the cake, renters in New Brunswick enjoy a decent apartment vacancy rate of approximately 5%....then there is also the fact that New Brunswick is the only official bilingual province in Canada, with its locals speaking English and French.