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Victoria has some unique things going for it that cannot be said of many other Canadian cities. These qualities – nice beaches, moderate climate, sophistication in culture, low crime – can explain why the vacancy rate for apartments to rent in Victoria is oftentimes below one percent. With these qualities to make life fairly pleasant, finding Victoria houses for rent and Victoria apartments for rent can be very daunting.

James Bay Square - Victoria, British Columbia V8V 4T3
1 Month Free. Inquire Now for Details.
These luxury apartments for rent in Victoria are centrally located in the heart of James Bay. James Bay Square offers a wide variety of amenities f...
Units Available: 2
From $16 - $19.95
Listing by - CAPREIT

Villa Apartments - Victoria, British Columbia V9A 4E7
Villa East and West are quiet buildings featuring 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, and spacious 2 bedrooms with den for rent in Victoria. All suites have a p...
Units Available: 2
From $13.25 - $16.50
Listing by - CAPREIT

Anondale Court - Victoria, British Columbia V8V 4S7
Located within easy walking distance of downtown Victoria and the picturesque Inner Harbour, Anondale Court is a popular rental option in a quiet r...
Listing by - CAPREIT

Albion Court Apartments - Victoria, British Columbia V8V 2C8
Albion Court is located on Boyd Street which is a short one block street between Dallas Road and Niagara Street in James Bay. The building is locat...
Listing by - AGB Properties

Berwick Manor - Victoria, British Columbia V8V 2C8
Berwick Manor is located on Boyd street which is a short one block street between Dallas Road and Niagara Street in James Bay. The building is loca...
Listing by - AGB Properties

Rockmeare Manor - Victoria, British Columbia V8V 3H7
Fantastic Central Location
Rockmeare Manor offers bachelors, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units in our 45-unit building. The recently renovated front lobby as well as shared ...
Listing by - AGB Properties

Taunton Street - Victoria, British Columbia V8R 1W9
Quiet bachelors suite in the heart of Fernwood
Unfurnished Bachelors Suite in the heart of Fernwood Village UTILITIES INCLUDED (Heat & Hydro). The suite is recently renovated with a new bath...
Listing by - David Haynes

Shared Accommodations Heritage Home - Victoria, British Columbia V8T 1L1
Shared Accomondations in Large Bi-Level Heritage Home
Shared Accommodations are available in this large bi-level heritage home located close to downtown Victoria. Individual units are very comfortable ...
Units Available: 1
Starting at $5.85
Listing by - Wayne Hartley Landlord

1645 Chandler Ave - Victoria , British Columbia V8S 1N7
Family home with large yard.
3 bedroom, 1bath, near schools and grocery store
Units Available: 0
Starting at $18.50
Listing by - Chandler Holdings

1022 Pandora Apts - Victoria, British Columbia V8V 3P5
In the heart of the downtown residential area opposite Harris Green Corridor, this building is a mix of office space and residential suites. Enjoy ...
Listing by - Devon Properties

Three core neighborhoods of Victoria – Fairfield, Oak Bay, and Saanich East – are all within walking distances of Victoria beaches, and also extremely nice neighborhoods for shopping, dining, relaxing, and living. However, with these quality-of-life enhancers comes a price, and any opening for apartments to rent in Victoria is often snatched up quickly at a premium, meaning there are little chances to find value in the area. To be able to snag a place there, one must have the money available to match a landlord’s request (forget haggling) and the drive to find an open place as soon as it pops up and pounce on it.

The Gordon Head and Lansdowne neighborhoods are close to local universities. Therefore, potential residents may luck out on finding Victoria houses to rent or apartments for rent in Victoria depending on the time of year. If a potential resident is able to time their move with a mass student move out at the end of a term, they can oftentimes find themselves the beneficiary of a very good deal.

Most areas of Victoria allow people to get around quite easily without a car. Furthermore, most areas of Victoria are fairly safe –the incidence of crime across almost all of Victoria’s neighborhoods is extremely low for such a city. At almost 350,000 people, the provincial capital of British Columbia has grown over 13 percent over a ten-year period. With rapid growth and a nice environment and atmosphere, it is no wonder that finding apartments for rent in Victoria can be a challenging task.