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There are many reasons why you might move to Lethbridge, Alberta: your child is attending the University of Lethbridge, your job is transferring you, or you want to become a resident in one of the fastest growing Alberta cities; currently the fourth largest city in Alberta. Regardless of what brings you to Lethbridge, you will find the best real estate options for you, and your family. If you want to find apartments for rent in Lethbridge, there are many units for you to choose from. The condo and houses for rent in Lethbridge are very high-end, and the neighborhoods are very welcoming.

If you are moving to Lethbridge, Alberta, you will find a great listing of condo, home and apartment rentals. You can find stylish condos rentals in Lethbridge, in addition to upscale Lethbridge apartments for rent. If you prefer to rent a house in Lethbridge, there are many properties to choose from. If you want to be closer to the university, you should find rentals in Copperwood, Sunridge or other west Lethbridge areas. Glendale and Hamilton are some of the south Lethbridge locations closer to downtown, while Uplands and Legacy Ridge place you closer to the north – and the industrial parks.

You and your family can enjoy one of the parks in Lethbridge, or you can learn more about the town’s history by visiting The Lethbridge Viaduct or other historical sites. You can take up baseball, wall climbing, skating, or tennis at one of the many sporting facilities within the town. The family can take advantage of the warm months by visiting one of the town’s seven swimming pools. If you are a golf lover, Lethbridge has plenty of golf courses for you to visit, including the Paradise Canyon Golf Resort, an award-winning golf facility.

Over 89,000 individuals have made Lethbridge their home, and thanks to the exceptional home, apartments and condo rentals in Lethbridge, you can too!

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