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The Village at York University is an affordable residential area adjacent to York University’s Keele Campus. Students prefer renting houses here with their friends to living in other neighborhoods near the university. Like you may have already guessed, living here comes with an array of conveniences. Chief among them is proximity to the campus. On average, the walk to the campus is just 15 minutes!

Murray Ross Apartments - Toronto, Ontario M3J 2Z3
Located on a beautiful cul-de-sac with a great ravine setting, this residence is a short stroll from York University. The York Wood commu...
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While living here is relatively affordable, renters need to note that competition for apartment rentals between York University students and the locals is stiff. Apartments can therefore be sometimes a bit hard to find. You may have to walk around looking for Rent signs the whole day or take your time to call hundreds of landlords and landladies. Rooming units within the neighborhood may have up to 15 rooming units to let. This includes converted and remodeled spaces in areas such as garages, something that in way fascinates young people from the Keele Campus. It is also important to keep in mind that several owners of rooming houses in the Village do not reside within the rooming houses they own. Therefore, they may not be available to their tenants when issues that need their attention arise.

A spacious, furnished studio costs about $450 a month. Keep in mind that wherever you choose to live within The Village, access to social and basic amenities is always quick. Most homes are just strides away from the Scott Library, TTC Bus stop and Winds Drive Plaza, where grocery stores and eateries abound. You can also be assured of a quick bus ride to Yorkgate Mall, where most locals get their homes supplies.