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The view from Clarke Drive looking west to the North Shore Mountains and downtown Vancouver is indeed worthy of the name Grandview. But there is much more going on in this charming neighborhood than just scintillating views. Warm locals, affordable housing and access to amenities to name just a few, attracts thousands of renters into the neighborhood every month.

Commercial Drive, which is one of the most ethnically diverse communities in Vancouver, stands out as Grandview Woodland’s jewel. ‘The Drive’, as it is fondly referred to by locals, is culturally rich with people from all walks of life. The community boasts of more than 30 cuisines from different countries around the globe. On any given day, it is easy to spot old Italians and Portuguese soccer enthusiasts sipping coffee and lamenting about their favorite teams. There is also an undeniable bohemian and artsy element in this neighborhood which is also popular with young families.

For renters looking for close knit communities, Commercial Drive and Trout Lake are ideal. 66% of people here live in rented dwellings, which boast of an average gross rent of $715. That is a significant percentage, considering the fact that about two thirds of all dwellings in Grandview Woodland are low-rise apartment houses. Detached duplexes and single detached homes are also popular. Apart from the evidently affordable factor, a great positive of calling Grandview Woodland home is the fact that it has managed to preserve its distinct multicultural character for decades compared to its competitors.