Search Coal Harbour Apartments

The opportunities for finding an apartment in the Coal Harbour market are as unique and varied as the community itself. One would expect apartments to be scarce in this tower dominated waterfront neighborhood tucked between the downtown convention center and Stanley Park. But that is not the case at all as one in every four condos here is empty. The rationale behind such stats is easy to understand, depending on several factors. For instance, the relative cost of renting an apartment in Coal Harbour compared to the cost of owning a home has and will always support demand for rental apartments and to some extent, rental condos. This will of course keep vacancy rates low.

Though not as vibrant as Robson Street, the Coal harbor waterfront is well utilized. You can always see people jogging, strolling, walking their dogs or just up and about minding their own business. It might be costly, but keep in mind that Coal Harbour is a one of a kind people friendly neighborhood. It is just 15 minutes away by foot from Gas Town and the Convention Center to the east, English Bay to the South, and Stanley Park to the West. The Pacific Center, Granville Mall and even Yaletown are all just a few strides from the neighborhood. In a nut shell, you can be assured of a smooth, hassle free lifestyle here as you are literally surrounded by more than enough social and basic ammonites. Apartments amount for 98% of the neighborhoods dwelling, so as already hinted, expect an easy time here looking for an apartment.